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VSAT Interception System

The VSAT Monitor and Analysis system is designed for real time collection and traffic analysis of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite networks.

The VSAT Communication Interception System will provide owners of Satellite Communication Systems from various manufacturers such as GILAT, VIASAT, HNS, ANDREWS VSAT Networks the capability to perform auditing of subscriber usage and overall systems traffic analysis of targeted Data, Voice and multimedia Data.

The proposed VSAT monitoring system is based on a modular hardware and software architecture allowing the customer the flexibility of processing multiple channels simultaneously. The proposed system provides a Graphical user Interface for all System functions such as equipment control, processing control, system monitoring, and creation, storage and retrieval of database results.
The VSAT Interception system is a total Integrated and Engineered solution for the purpose of Monitoring, analysis and processing of multiple Target VSAT stations from one remote site.
Passive Monitoring and Analysis Architecture for Target VSAT communications.
Simultaneous Monitoring of 4 - 52 channels and signal decoding for SCPS DAMA VSAT Communication. The Decoding will involve Voice/FAX/DATA/Text output.
In case of TDM-TDMA networks, the system provides generic Monitoring and processing capability for inbound/outbound traffic.
The NMS at the monitoring center is a total duplication of Target VSAT's NMS, and will include Terminal/Remote Station Capabilities. Activity Factor details, Call Related Information and Frequency Allocation details are also duplicated in the NMS.
The NMS will be integrated with the GUI, where the station initiating the call and the called station details/ call pairing and content recording is controlled.
The Target VSAT networks Demodulator and Decoder are proprietary for each target network and its corresponding service provider.
The Demodulator and decoder are configurable to handle any non -proprietary/Target VSAT equipment supplier's protocol, and can provide real time decoding for the same. In the case of proprietary/customized protocol, Stratign can customize the decoder to handle these protocols in real time.
The Back end processing system provides capability to the user to process the intelligence gathered in the form of Voice/ Fax/ Data/ Text using various Speech /Fax and text Processing tools (like topic spotting, speaker ID. Language ID, Text summarization etc.)

VSAT Interception System Brochure (310,73 KB)

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