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VHF Series of Fiber Optic Band Selective Repeater is the best and more reliable solution to extend and improve the
coverage area of VHF TETRA telecommunication systems.Fiber Optic Band Selective Repeater consists of two modules,
Master and Slave.Master module can be used directly coupled from BTS(Cable-Access FOR) or can be connected to a
donor antenna receiving signals from the BTS(Wireless-Access FOR),while Slave module provides service area with
system coverage.Fiber Optic Repeaters amplifies in both directions, uplink and downlink a continuous bandwidth, factory
tuned.Its rugged construction and easy field maintenance reduces operational costs and ensures a high MTBF.
Typical applications of this line of repeaters are indoor situations such as tunnels, buildings, subways, and outdoor
scenarios such as stadiums, rural areas and dense urban areas.
Features & Benefits
Auto diagnostics: Master and Slave units are equipped with microprocessor modules that controls the units operational
parameters. This self check capability provides an instantaneous alarm output under failure situation, via local
LEDs.Microprocessor module verifies amplifiers status, PA status, power supply status, intermediate filters status, battery
backup status and temperature levels.
Single Master & Multiple Slaves: Single unit can handle up to four Slaves simultaneously.
WDM: Uplink and Downlink transmssion in different wavelengst with built-in WDM for single fiber optic operation.
OPRP-VHF-UxDx (289,48 KB)

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