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Multi Band PIM Analyzers

The Multi-Band Passive Intermodulation analyzer enables the network operator to perform multi cellular band testing in one instrument.The PIM analyzer supports all general testing scenarios and especially fit for testing of cable PIM accessories in telecommunication area.The Multi-Band PIM Analyzers applyed to RF researching  or factory final inspection  are configurated up to six mobile communication bands  into a 19"  wide set .Having advantages of solid,econommic,fast test, convenient,easy to handle with,these are used for measuring PIM on broadband passive components (such as base station antenna ,RF connector ,cavity filter, arrester,jump cable,low PIM termination,etc).Mlulti-band anyzers have a significant fuction:these can be configurated with network analyzers to a new system which can measure the PIM of  broadband products and measure "S parameter" fast and accurately at the same time.There're two basic types of multi-band analyzers.One is "Not Combined" type,the other one is "Combined" type.

For  "Not Combined" type,each band has an independ test port .As a result,this type can measure broadband multi-band products only by different ports.

For  "Combined" type, all the frequency bands singnal are combined to a common port,which can make measurement for broadband products  easier and faster.The measurement program can be crafted based on user's manul of products by customers on their own.The average efficiency of measurement is 5 times than "Not Combined"type. (to measure a three bands product only needs 12 second around).

Multi Band PIM Analyzers (123,70 KB)

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