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Test Equipments arrow Radio Frequency Power Capacity Tester arrow Radio Frequency Power Capacity Tester

Radio Frequency Power Capacity Tester

RF Power Capacity tester is designed to measure Radio Frequency power capacity of passive components under band 0.7GHz - 2.6GHz,such as Cavity Spatial filter,duplexer,combiner,antenna, load,isolator, and jumper.The tester case is also available to enable users to perform testing under extreme temperature and low air pressure

Product Features

  • All bands of China Mobile are covered in PIM testing

  • Programmable wide band frequency synthesizer and Internal testing control system are embedded in the tester

  • 3000W pulse wave power output

  • 600W continuous wave power output

  • Built-in test controlling system

  • Built-in programable broadband frequency synthesizer

  • Both reversed PIM and trasmitted PIM testing are available

  • Multiple reporting formats are available, such as Word, Excel and PDF.

  • Testing protection under circumstances of open circuit or short circuit.

  • Alert warning of inner overheat, overpressured, and overpower

  • Reversed power protection is available

  • Simple to operate,user-friendly bilingual (English/Chinese) 

Radio Frequency Power Capacity Tester (88,42 KB)

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