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Telecom Security arrow Mobile Phone Detection System arrow IMEI and IMSI Catcher

IMEI and IMSI Catcher

Owing to high recurrences and complexity of social problems and conflicts, it has become more and more important and urgent for police and security authorities to catch and process mobile phoneinformation of certain group of people or certain person by using modern high-tech means. The warning and positioning of suspects become increasingly important. The Mobile Phone Detecting System we developed is in this background for special applications. It can meet the special application needs such as technical investigations, criminal investigations, national security, drug controls, anti-terrorism, customs anti-smuggling, anti-crimes by detecting and acquiring mobile phone number, IMSI(SIM number), IMEI(mobile hardware number), etc. without users’ awareness. Aiming at special scenarios, we developed this new portable, high efficient and cost-effective mobile phone detecting system. The main device of the system contains two operating modes: local control and remote centralized control. The formerdoes not need network, and can detect the target mobile phone whenever and wherever needed; the latter logs into the public network and upload the data to the data center or server which is under unified management. We have management software for powerful dataprocessing, such as White/Black name list, Suspected Number Alarming, Electronic Map, Path Tracking, Relevant Number generating, etc. 



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