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The ICS Repeater (Interference Cancellation System) is a new kind of single-band RF repeater that can automatically detect and cancel the interference signals caused by oscillation of RF feedback between the Donor and Coverage Antennas in real time by adopting DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology. It can continuously and stably cancel the interference signals and be adapted to any changes in the surrounding RF environment (including fixed and mobile objects).

Like the RF repeater, the ICS Repeater is working as a relay between the BTS and mobiles. It picks up the signal from the BTS via the Donor Antenna, linearly amplifies the signal and then retransmits it via the Coverage Antenna (or the Indoor Signal Distribution System) to the weak/blind coverage area. And the mobile signal is also amplified and retransmitted to the BTS via the opposite direction.


To expand signal coverage or fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable.

  • Outdoor: Airports, tourism regions, golf courses, tunnels, factories, mining districts, villages, highways…
  • Indoor: Hotels, exhibition centers, basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots, …

The ICS Repeater is mainly applicable to such case:

  • The repeater can find an installation place which can receive pure BTS signal at strong enough level and can meet the requirement of isolation to avoid self-oscillation;
  • And the isolation requirement between the donor and coverage antennas is hard to meet by using a RF repeater.

ICS-HB-10 (211,99 KB)

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