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Tone Spread POI

Tone Spread POI

Description for Point of Interface (POI):

 The rapid growth in the number of base station sites is highlighting the necessity for improvements in the way that network operators co-exist. The potential for interference between operators is vast and requires the application of modern filtering and combining technologies to permit the continued growth of existing Cellular networks and introduction of new ones.  

Parameter to design Indoor Coverage is more simple compare to outdoor design but it takes more resources (manpower, material and time) to install. In several Huge or High Rise building, it’s worthy to have combined In-Building Cell.
 This demand increase from time to time since this solution offers number of benefits:
 -       Effective in time and Installation as it easy and fast.

-       Efficient in cost of Investment as Several Cellular Providers can utilize same network infrastructure.

-       Able to support Building Esthetical Aspect by reducing number of Indoor Antenna. 
Target of achievement:

Combined Indoor Coverage become feasible by using a Point of Interface Combiner which has ability to handle each Signal/Carrier from every Cellular Provider. Combiner should provide an adequate Isolation (In-Band & Out-Band), good power handling ability and excellent IMD to generate a harmony Combination with less interference. 

Solution overview:


The Point of Interface (POI) offers few flexibilities and advantages:

 Customer has flexibility on determining Number of Input and output Port.

Monitor Port for each Output port is available upon customer request. This monitoring port will facilitate customer to observe combiner performance at any desired time.

VSWR alarm monitoring also available for each Input/Output port in which customer able to detect if any network failure.