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TMA reduces the cost of base station deployment by extending cell coverage.It improves call quality, in-building coverage and reduce dropped call rate. Bit error rate will also be reduced that is vitally important for data applications. Patent pending noise reduction technologies assures the lowest Noise Figure in the class within industry, reliable lightning protection performance and IP68 package ideally for harsh environment application .
The Tower Top Amplifier (TTA)box contains a Receive/Transmit channel in duplexed configuration, to beused in a sectorial or omni-directional antenna structure. The TTA channelconsists of two high power back-to-back duplexers, LNA, bias tee and lightningprotectors. A failsafe transfer switch bypasses the LNA when the voltageto the TTA is switched off (Bypass Mode). Installed next to the antenna,the TTA channel is connected to a Rx/Tx antenna at the Antenna port andto the BTS at the Rx/Tx Port through coaxial feeder cable. The TTA unitis lightning protected, utilizing EMP suppression arrangements by GDT (GasDischarge Tube) and transient voltage suppressors.

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