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What is Ec/Io (and Eb/No)? (1 人正在瀏覽) (1) 訪客
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主題: What is Ec/Io (and Eb/No)?
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What is Ec/Io (and Eb/No)? 3 年, 6 個月 之前 聲譽: 0  
If someone asks you "Which Signal Level for good call quality: -80 dbm or -90 dBm?"

Beware, if you respond quickly, you might end up missing. This is because the correct answer is ... it depends! The Signal Strength is a very important and essential measure for any technology (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, etc.). However, it is not the only one: let's talk a little today about another magnitude, equally important: the Signal Noise Ratio.Although this ratio is of fundamental importance to any cellular system, is not well understood by many professionals. On the opposite side, professionals with a good understanding of this ratio are able for example, to correctly assess the RF links, and also to perform more extensive optimizations, obtaining the best possible performance of the system.

So, let's see a little about it?
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