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P25 Training Guide (1 人正在瀏覽) (1) 訪客
Important Theory and Concepts
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主題: P25 Training Guide
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Project 25 (P25) is a set of standards produced through the joint efforts of the Association of Public Safety Communications Offi cials International (APCO), the National Association of State Telecommunications Directors (NASTD), selected Federal Agencies and the National Communications System (NCS), and standardized
under the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). P25 is an open architecture, user driven suite of system standards that
defi ne digital radio communications system architectures capable of serving the needs of Public Safety and Government organizations.
The P25 suite of standards involves digital Land Mobile Radio (LMR) services for local, state/provincial and national (federal) public safety organizations and agencies. P25 open system standards defi ne the interfaces, operation and capabilities of any P25 compliant
radio system. A P25 radio is any radio that conforms to the P25 standard in the way it functions or operates. P25 compliant radios
can communicate in analog mode with legacy radios and in either digital or analog mode with other P25 radios. The P25 standard exists
in the public domain, allowing any manufacturer to produce a P25 compatible radio product.
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